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Blackbirds - Folklore Friday

Blackbirds were the first bird I ever remember reading a story about. I only vaguely remember the story as it was many years ago, however I do remember that it's beak was painted with sunshine, which is why it is golden. Well the male is black with a yellow beak, the female mottled brown. It was also the first story which made me wonder why we so often only focus on the male of any species in stories or referring to wildlife.

The Common Blackbird or Eurasian Blackbird (Turdus merula) is a member of the thrush family. It is very territorial and sings vigorously to establish its territory. Its song was once seen as a charm (the original meaning being song or incantation). In Celtic culture they were often seen as being prophetic and had a link to the underworld. Having a Blackbird sing in your dreams is meant to be a good omen, but seeing a dead one foretold loss of some kind. Putting their feathers under someone's pillow would cause them to tell you their secrets.

Blackbirds are also seen as shape-shifters, having great knowledge of the world. So next time you see one maybe you could ask it to share some of its wisdom with you.

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