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Identity. Well-being. Environment. Storytelling.

Rebuilding Connection



Storytellers and Musicians have always helped people to relate to the world around them through story & song. Now more than ever we need the deep wisdom of the more than human in our stories. 


Join us within the bustle of an Iron Age village for this storytelling course. On the beautiful banks of Loch Tay, at the new Scottish Crannog Centre we will delve into landscape and ancient ways of knowing to help us listen and deepen our connection to nature.


£180 (including catering/camping)


for payment details and to reserve your space.   


New Arrivals

Pre-Order this book about the last witch of Montrose.
Proceeds from this edition will be donated to the Brechin Flood Relief Fund. 

One Nature Education


At One Nature Education we offer storytelling and nature related activities for groups of all ages. We run CPD courses on well-being, identity, and the environment for teachers, parents, and other educators. 

We focus on identity and well-being with reference to our wider, more than human,  environment. 


The way that we make sense of the world around us is to tell stories, or imagine narratives around certain situations. They help us to make sense of an uncertain world.

We only know what we can first imagine!

We use storytelling as a way to connect, eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul. 


Visit our blog to find out more information about some of our work and to see some thoughts and stories about our beautiful world. 

Get in touch to discuss if we can support your group.




ONE Nature Education grew out of many discussions with educators about the impact our environment has on us, and we in turn have on our environment. We are inextricably linked to the world around us we aim to share with people ways to connect more deeply with their local environments and understand our place in this beautiful and diverse world we call home.   


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