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One Nature Education works with schools, community groups, and individuals, to reconnect people to our natural world. One Nature provides training to educators and those who wish to develop their understanding of identity, wellbeing and the environment. We provide a range of training and activity options from taster sessions to immersive experiences in schools and their local environments.

We provide storytelling sessions and workshops for teachers and pupils. Weaving themes of the environment together with personal experience. We research issues around identity, environment and wellbeing creating bespoke place based stories and activities. 
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Founder and Director

Cara is an educator and storyteller based in Scotland who specialises in exploring issues of identity, well-being, and the more than human environment. She is a GTCS registered teacher with experience in Guidance and learning support alongside her subject area of Geography. Cara has a Masters degree from The University of Edinburgh in Outdoor, Environmental and Sustainability Education. Her thesis work was on identity, values, and relationships with our natural environment.
Cara originally trained as a Countryside Ranger developing and delivering environmental education programmes and storytelling sessions for regional and national parks.  She had a role as an Eco-Schools Assessment Officer giving advice to schools on Learning for Sustainability and linking community engagement activities to curricular outcomes. In 2012-13 Cara sat on the working group setting up Learning for Sustainability Scotland.
Cara believes that the natural world is essential for our health and wellbeing and therefore our capacity to learn and develop fully as individuals - We are a product of all our experiences and our environment co-creates our identity. Cara is passionate about social justice issues and promoting inclusion and diversity. She is committed to improving outcomes for all learners, especially those from disadvantaged or challenging backgrounds. She has training in Non-Violent Communication, mental health first aid and coaching, and has gtcs professional recognition in Leading Learning.  

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