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Fittie, between city and sea

Fittie is a magical place. It sits between a bustling port, in an oil town, and the wide horizon of the North Sea. The village itself feels like an oasis of calm. To be there you feel grounded and held by the squares. Neoclassical in design they have developed along with the vibrant community which lives there.

I was honoured to be Storyteller in Residence as part of the Safe Harbour: Open Sea project, funded by Creative Scotland. As part of my residency I was asked to research and write a story of place. This took me on a journey of exploration, discovering what was at the heart of community. I developed a connection with the land. and researched the myriad of stories contained here. I led a workshop on storytelling and the creative process. I interviewed residents, attended ceilidhs and Bothy Nichts.

The story slowly came together. As it did so I realised that all I could tell was one small thread of the intricate pattern of stories that connect to place. We are all connected to each other through these stories. I hope you enjoy listening to the result and I will share more of my journey in another post. Cara x

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