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Going Out There -Scottish Framework for Safe Practice in Off-site Visits

New guidance has been published today for schools taking children off site for activities and experiences in the wider environment. As we increasingly live in town and cities, we have less opportunities to explore natural spaces. This often leads to less time outdoors especially for children. Having knowledge and a relationship with nature is so good for our mental and physical health, and it's good for the planet too. If we learn about nature we are more likely to care for its well-being and by extension our own.

How can we have a relationship with nature unless we meet it?

" 'When I'm outside, it doesn't feel like learning, because it's so much fun and I just know that my brain is getting bigger'."

We know that outdoor education has a crucial role to play in the development of fine motor skills, risk awareness, experiential learning. Most importantly it is fun and is more likely to go into our long term memory that textbook based learning.

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