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Pride Outside

We are proud to support the Pride Outside Festival!

Please see the link below and get out and explore.

Thank you so much for all of your likes, shares and follows so far! We’ve only just launched our social media channels so it’s great to see such a positive response.
We are delighted to offer FREE nature inspired wellbeing sessions for the LGBTQ+ community!
Join us for a LGBTQ+ Woodland Wellbeing Adventure in Pollock Country Park!
We will be exploring the parks stunning flowers, trees and plants through a mindful nature treasure hunt.
We will then be learning the skill of fire lighting, so we can enjoy a cup of tea and toast some marshmallows!
You will experience some relaxing wellbeing practices and mindful movement around a warm fire together and will also receive a Wellbeing pack which will include lots of nature inspired wellbeing goodies to help you to continue to explore your local green space.

Book your space here:

Pride Outside x

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