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Last winter solstice I climbed to a local iron age hill fort. As the last rays of the sun descended two Ravens flew overhead. Calling as they did.

They circled me and landed on a nearby tree.

In recent lore Ravens can be seen as a symbol of death, however their older interpretation was that of wisdom and protection. This is the interpretation I chose to take.

"According to the old legends of the Siberian peoples (Ob Khanty, Ural Mansi), it was the crow with its croaking that awakened life in the tundra, the first people, sleeping deep under the mighty Ob River, woke up from its loud voice, and the earth opened up to the Ural Mountains, and the awakened people came out to the surface of the Earth to live on it, work, rejoice and bear children. Since then, grateful people have been celebrating the Crow's Day - Vurna Khatl.

Shamans, dressed in costumes decorated with feathers, begin to beat drums with a special rhythm, inviting crows to the camp. Since the Khanty believe that the cry of a crow brings awakening to the forces of nature, it is the crow that is considered the patroness of women mothers and their children.

Let me share the song on the "Ravens" drone flute - dedicated to the raven as a wise, all-knowing messenger and a bird of prophecy, protector, and helper.

What do ravens symbolize in your culture?"

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