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The susserations of trees

Have you spent time sitting in a woodland just giving yourself over to listening to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.

Different trees do indeed sound different. The beautiful aspen with its light, hinged leaves, is an almost golden sound to my ear. Whereas beech leaves are so much more crisp and fresh.

Spending time in our natural environment supports our health and wellbeing in so many ways. In fact current research shows that it is essential for good health.

Taking time to listen to trees, while we breathe in phytoncides, boosts our immunity, reduces stress levels and could increase our life expectancy.

More than that though, it brings joy and a sense of connection with our world which is too often lacking from our modern lives.

So listening to the trees could be a really key way to meet our need for real connection in an over connected world.

Have you read or listened to the clips in this fantastic BBC article on how trees talk, how we listen to them, and how they feed our souls?

Please share your experiences of trees talking to you with us too

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